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        LET'S EAT!

        Experience a modern take on northern gastronomy.

        Sunday - Thursday | 11:30am - 9pm

        Friday + Saturday | 11:30am - 10pm



        Friday, July 29 - Sunday, July 31

        Join us for masterfully crafted dishes and cocktails that toast the best of the Guelph’s Farmer’s Market.

        Pizza + Wine Special

        Pizza + Wine Special

        Mondays + Tuesdays

        Get any full sized pizza for only $13.99 every Monday + Tuesday! Pair your pizza - all take out bottles of wine $10 off OR $5.99 select 5oz glasses in house.

        Date Night

        Date Night

        Every Wednesday

        Get our 3-course dinner for two AND a bottle of wine for just $69.99Available for takeout + dine in!

        Feeling Social

        what is miijidaa?

        The word ‘Miijidaa’ is from the Ojibway language. It loosely translates to “let’s eat.” We thought there couldn’t be a better word for a restaurant. For us it’s an inspiration to celebrate the cuisines and foods around us. A chance to show off our northern bounty.

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